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The use of candles in love binding spell

Throughout history, candles have held a special place in the world of magic and mysticism. They have been used as tools to manifest intentions, connect with higher energies, and even bind love between two individuals. In this article, we will explore the fascinating practice of using candles in love binding spells, delving into the symbolism, steps, and ethics surrounding this ancient and mystical art.I would also recommend reading

The Symbolism of Candles in Love Magic

Candles have long been regarded as symbols of light, hope, and transformation. In the context of love magic, they take on an even more profound significance. Here are some of the key symbolic elements of candles in love binding spells:

  1. Light: Candles represent the light of love that guides and illuminates the path between two souls. Lighting a candle in a love binding spell is akin to igniting the spark of passion and connection between two individuals.

  2. Fire: Fire, an essential element in candle magic, symbolizes the passionate and transformative nature of love. It has the power to purify, cleanse, and renew the energy surrounding a romantic relationship.

  3. Color: The color of the candle plays a crucial role in love binding spells. Red candles, for instance, are often used to symbolize passion and desire, while pink candles represent affection and tenderness. Choosing the right color is essential for aligning the spell with the specific intentions.

  4. Shape: The shape of the candle can also add depth to the symbolism. Heart-shaped candles are commonly used in love binding spells to emphasize the emotional connection between the individuals involved.

  5. Scent: Certain scents, like rose or jasmine, are associated with love and romance. Scented candles can enhance the ambiance and the overall effectiveness of the spell.

Steps to Perform a Love Binding Spell with Candles

Performing a love binding spell with candles involves a series of steps, each carefully designed to harness the power of intention and energy. Here is a basic guide to get you started:

  1. Set Your Intentions: Before you begin, be clear about your intentions. What do you hope to achieve with this love binding spell? Take some time to meditate and visualize the desired outcome.

  2. Choose the Right Candle: Select a candle that corresponds to your intentions. As mentioned earlier, red or pink candles are commonly used for love spells, but you can choose a color that resonates with you and your specific situation.

  3. Cleanse and Consecrate the Candle: To purify the candle and remove any negative energies, you can pass it through the smoke of sage or incense. Hold the candle in your hands and visualize it being charged with your intentions for love.

  4. Prepare Your Sacred Space: Find a quiet and peaceful space where you won't be disturbed. Cleanse the area with sage or incense to create a sacred atmosphere.

  5. Dress the Candle: Anoint the candle with a love oil or herbal oil that aligns with your intentions. Start from the center of the candle and rub the oil towards the top (for drawing love) or towards the bottom (for banishing negativity).

  6. Carve Symbols and Names: Using a sharp object like a pin or a special carving tool, carve symbols, initials, or the names of the individuals involved in the spell on the candle.

  7. Light the Candle: As you light the candle, state your intentions clearly and passionately. Speak from the heart, expressing your desire for love, connection, and harmony. Visualize the love binding between the two individuals.

  8. Meditate and Focus: Sit in quiet meditation for a while, keeping your focus on the flame of the candle and your intentions. Feel the energy building and the love growing stronger.

  9. Close the Spell: When you feel ready, snuff out the candle (do not blow it out) and thank the universe for its assistance. Leave the candle and any leftover materials in your sacred space until the spell has fully manifested.

Ethics and Responsibility

It is essential to approach love binding spells with a strong sense of ethics and responsibility. Manipulating someone's free will or binding them against their wishes is considered unethical and can have negative consequences. Always ensure that your intentions are pure, and you are not seeking to control or harm anyone.

Remember that love spells should be used to enhance and strengthen existing relationships or to attract love into your life in a positive and consensual way. Consent and respect for the autonomy of others should be paramount in any magical practice.


The use of candles in love binding spells is a beautiful and ancient practice that taps into the deep symbolism of light, fire, and love itself. When performed with pure intentions, respect, and responsibility, these spells can help foster deeper connections and bring more love and happiness into our lives. However, it is crucial to approach love magic with a clear ethical framework and a genuine desire for the well-being of all involved.

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A history of love magic

Love, the most profound and complex of human emotions, has inspired countless rituals, spells, and magical practices throughout history. Love magic, the use of supernatural or metaphysical means to influence or enhance romantic feelings and relationships, has been a part of diverse cultures worldwide for centuries. In this article, we will embark on a historical journey through the fascinating evolution of love magic, exploring its origins, practices, and enduring legacy.

Ancient Beginnings

Love magic can trace its roots back to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. In these early cultures, deities associated with love and desire, such as Aphrodite and Eros in Greek mythology or Hathor in Egyptian mythology, were invoked to bless unions and encourage romantic feelings. Talismans and amulets featuring symbols of love and fertility were often used to enhance the effectiveness of these rituals.

Ancient Mesopotamia, particularly in the city of Ur, featured love spells inscribed on clay tablets. These texts invoked the goddess Ishtar to kindle passion and affection between couples. Similar practices were found in ancient Egypt, where love spells were written on papyrus and often accompanied by rituals involving the use of fragrant oils, perfumes, and charms.

The Middle Ages and Renaissance

Love magic continued to flourish during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, albeit with an added layer of complexity and mysticism. Courtly love, a medieval European tradition, celebrated the chivalric code and the pursuit of unattainable love. Poets and troubadours composed verses dedicated to their beloveds, and knights wore tokens from their ladies to symbolize their devotion.

During the Renaissance, grimoires and magical texts emerged, containing detailed instructions for love spells and rituals. One such notable work is the "Picatrix," an Arabic astrological and magical text translated into Latin, which included rituals for love and attraction.

The Salem Witch Trials in 1692 brought accusations of love magic and witchcraft to the forefront in colonial America. Accused witches were often charged with bewitching others into falling in love or causing harm through magical means, highlighting the enduring belief in love magic during this era.

19th and 20th Centuries

The 19th century witnessed a revival of interest in the occult, including love magic, as spiritualism and the study of the esoteric gained popularity. Books like "The Key of Solomon" and "The Lesser Key of Solomon," which contained instructions for love spells and summoning spirits, gained notoriety.

In the early 20th century, the New Age movement embraced love magic, incorporating elements of astrology, tarot, and energy work. The concept of using positive affirmations and the law of attraction to manifest love and romance became prevalent during this period.

Modern Love Magic

Today, love magic has evolved into a diverse and eclectic field. While some practitioners adhere to traditional rituals and spells passed down through generations, others draw from a variety of spiritual and metaphysical traditions. Common tools in modern love magic include candles, crystals, herbs, essential oils, and divination tools like tarot cards.

Online communities and books on the subject have made love magic more accessible than ever. Practitioners share their experiences and knowledge, while also emphasizing ethical considerations, such as consent and respect for free will.

Ethical Considerations

It's important to note that love magic, like any magical practice, raises ethical questions concerning consent and the manipulation of free will. Many modern practitioners emphasize that love spells should be performed with the utmost respect for the autonomy and desires of all involved parties. Spells that seek to influence or control the feelings of others are often discouraged, as they may infringe upon an individual's free will.


Throughout history, love magic has been a captivating and enduring aspect of human culture, reflecting our profound desire for love and connection. From ancient civilizations to the modern age, love magic has evolved, adapted, and integrated into various belief systems and practices. Whether rooted in ancient traditions or shaped by contemporary spirituality, the fascination with love and the mysteries of the heart continue to inspire people to explore the enchanting world of love magic.

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6 props used in love magic

Love, the universal force that transcends time and culture, has inspired humans to explore its mysteries through various means, including magic. Love magic, the practice of harnessing mystical energies to attract love, strengthen relationships, or heal emotional wounds, often relies on a range of symbolic props. In this article, we will delve into six magical props commonly used in love magic and their significance in creating spells and rituals that promote love, passion, and emotional connection. I also recommend reading

  1. Candles

Candles are perhaps the most versatile and widely used props in love magic. They symbolize illumination, warmth, and transformation, making them perfect conduits for the energy of love and desire. Love spells often involve the selection of specific colors to represent different aspects of love:

  • Red Candles: These represent passion, sexual desire, and intense romantic love. Red candles are commonly used in spells to ignite or rekindle passion in a relationship.

  • Pink Candles: Pink symbolizes love, tenderness, and affection. Pink candles are used for gentle and nurturing forms of love, making them suitable for self-love spells or to attract a loving partner.

  • White Candles: White signifies purity and spiritual love. These candles can be used in rituals that focus on spiritual connections, unity, and commitment.

The act of lighting candles in a love spell not only creates a serene and enchanting ambiance but also invokes the power of transformation and intention, guiding your desires into the universe.

  1. Crystals

Crystals have been used for their energetic properties in love magic for centuries. Different crystals carry unique energies that can enhance love, attraction, and emotional healing. Here are a few popular love-enhancing crystals:

  • Rose Quartz: Known as the "Stone of Love," rose quartz is associated with unconditional love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is often used to attract love and nurture existing relationships.

  • Rhodonite: This crystal promotes forgiveness and emotional healing, making it suitable for resolving relationship conflicts and deepening emotional bonds.

  • Garnet: Garnet is a stone of passion, sensuality, and commitment. It is used to reignite the spark in romantic relationships.

  • Moonstone: Moonstone is connected to the lunar energy and is used for enhancing intuition and fostering emotional balance, important aspects of love magic.

In love magic, practitioners often cleanse and charge their crystals with love intentions, carrying or placing them strategically during rituals to amplify their energetic effects.

  1. Herbs and Botanicals

Herbs and botanicals play a significant role in love magic, as they carry both symbolic and aromatic properties that can enhance the atmosphere and intention of a love spell. Some common love-enhancing herbs include:

  • Rose petals: Associated with love, beauty, and romance, rose petals are often used in love spells and rituals to attract love and enhance sensuality.

  • Lavender: Lavender promotes calmness and relaxation, making it suitable for spells that aim to soothe relationship conflicts and bring peace to love matters.

  • Jasmine: Jasmine is known for its strong aphrodisiac qualities and is used in love magic to ignite passion and attraction.

  • Damiana: This herb is believed to enhance sexual desire and is used in spells focused on igniting or rekindling passion.

Herbs and botanicals can be used in various forms in love magic, such as dried herbs in sachets, herbal baths, or incense blends, infusing the environment with their magical properties.

  1. Perfumes and Essential Oils

Aromas have a profound influence on emotions and can be employed effectively in love magic. Perfumes and essential oils are used to create alluring scents that evoke desire and attraction. Some common love-enhancing scents include:

  • Rose: Rose oil or perfume is a classic choice for love magic, symbolizing love, beauty, and sensuality.

  • Ylang-Ylang: This essential oil is known for its exotic and sensual fragrance, making it a popular choice for love and passion spells.

  • Patchouli: Patchouli is associated with attraction, seduction, and sensuality, making it a key ingredient in love potions and oils.

  • Vanilla: Vanilla's sweet and comforting scent is often used to create an inviting and loving atmosphere in the home.

Practitioners may anoint themselves, their candles, or other objects with these scents to infuse love spells with their desired intention.

  1. Love Letters and Symbols

Words and symbols have a powerful impact on our thoughts and emotions. Love magic often incorporates written spells, love letters, and symbols to convey intentions and desires. Some commonly used symbols include:

  • Hearts: The universal symbol of love, hearts can be drawn, carved, or embroidered onto love charms and amulets to enhance their power.

  • Love sigils: Practitioners create personal or universal love sigils, which are symbolic representations of specific intentions or affirmations of love and attraction.

  • Love letters: Writing a heartfelt love letter or poem can be a powerful act of love magic, expressing your feelings and intentions to a specific person or the universe.

Words, symbols, and letters can be used in conjunction with other props in love magic rituals, reinforcing the practitioner's intent and creating a profound connection to the energy of love.

  1. Tarot Cards and Divination Tools

Divination tools, such as tarot cards, pendulums, or runes, can be instrumental in gaining insight into love matters and guiding practitioners in their love magic journey. Tarot cards, in particular, are often used for love readings and guidance. Certain tarot cards, like The Lovers or The Two of Cups, are especially associated with love and relationships.

Practitioners use divination tools to gain clarity, uncover hidden emotions, and explore potential outcomes in love matters. They may perform divination rituals or incorporate divination as part of their love magic practice to make informed decisions and enhance their connection to the energy of love.


Love magic is a deeply personal and intricate practice that draws upon the symbolism, energy, and intention of various magical props. Whether you choose to work with candles, crystals, herbs, perfumes, symbols, or divination tools, the key to successful love magic lies in your genuine intention, ethical considerations, and respect for the free will and consent of all parties involved. As you embark on your own love magic journey, remember that love, when approached with authenticity and reverence, can be a transformative and beautiful force in your life.

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7 benefits of aura cleansing

The concept of the aura, an energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body, has been a part of various spiritual and metaphysical traditions for centuries. Many believe that the aura can become clouded or imbalanced due to emotional, mental, or energetic factors. Aura cleansing is a practice aimed at restoring the harmonious flow of energy within and around the body. In this article, we will explore the seven remarkable benefits of aura cleansing and how it can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  1. Enhanced Energy Flow

One of the primary benefits of aura cleansing is the promotion of enhanced energy flow. When your aura is cluttered or blocked by negative energy, it can lead to feelings of lethargy and imbalance. Aura cleansing techniques, such as meditation, Reiki, or smudging with sage, help remove these blockages, allowing vital life force energy (often referred to as "chi" or "prana") to flow freely. This renewed energy can lead to increased vitality, mental clarity, and a sense of well-being.

  1. Emotional Healing

Negative emotions and past traumas can become lodged in your aura, affecting your emotional well-being and overall mental health. Aura cleansing practices can help release these emotional blockages, allowing you to process and heal from past wounds. This can result in improved emotional resilience, reduced stress, and a greater capacity for experiencing positive emotions like joy and love.

  1. Mental Clarity and Focus

A cluttered aura can lead to mental fog and difficulty in concentrating. Aura cleansing techniques, such as mindfulness meditation and deep breathing exercises, can help clear your mental space, allowing you to think more clearly and make better decisions. With improved mental clarity, you can enhance your problem-solving skills and overall cognitive function.

  1. Stress Reduction

Stress is a common modern-day affliction that can negatively impact both your physical and mental health. Aura cleansing practices promote relaxation and stress reduction by removing the energetic residue of stress from your aura. Techniques like aura cleansing baths, aromatherapy, and energy healing modalities can be particularly effective in reducing stress levels, leading to a calmer and more balanced life.

  1. Heightened Intuition and Sensitivity

A cleansed and balanced aura can amplify your intuitive abilities and sensitivity to energy. As your energy field becomes clearer and more attuned, you may find it easier to trust your gut instincts and make intuitive decisions. Many people report experiencing heightened psychic awareness, increased empathy, and a stronger connection to their inner wisdom after regular aura cleansing.

  1. Improved Relationships

Since your aura interacts with the auras of those around you, maintaining a healthy and balanced energy field can positively impact your relationships. Cleansing your aura helps remove negative energy and emotional baggage, allowing you to connect with others on a deeper and more harmonious level. This can lead to improved communication, stronger bonds, and healthier relationships with family, friends, and partners.

  1. Spiritual Growth and Alignment

For those on a spiritual journey, aura cleansing can be a valuable tool for spiritual growth and alignment. When your aura is free from energetic blockages and distortions, you can more easily access higher states of consciousness and connect with your higher self or spiritual guides. This can lead to a profound sense of purpose, inner peace, and a deeper understanding of your spiritual path.


Aura cleansing is a powerful practice that offers a wide range of benefits for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By regularly purifying and balancing your aura, you can experience enhanced energy flow, emotional healing, mental clarity, and reduced stress. Additionally, aura cleansing can heighten your intuitive abilities, improve your relationships, and support your spiritual growth and alignment.

Incorporating aura cleansing into your daily or weekly routine can be a transformative step towards living a more balanced, harmonious, and vibrant life. Whether you choose to explore meditation, energy healing, or other cleansing techniques, the rewards of a clear and radiant aura are well worth the effort, leading to a happier and more fulfilling existence.


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The use of the chalice in love magic

Love has always been a profound and enigmatic force in human life, captivating the hearts and minds of individuals throughout history. Among the many tools and rituals employed in the pursuit of love and romance, the chalice holds a special place. This vessel, often associated with the sacred and spiritual, has been utilized in various cultures and traditions for love magic. In this article, we will explore the significance of the chalice in love magic, its historical roots, and the rituals and spells associated with it.

The Symbolism of the Chalice

The chalice, a vessel with a wide bowl and a stem, has deep symbolism in many cultures. It is often seen as a symbol of the feminine and the womb, representing fertility, abundance, and receptivity. In love magic, the chalice embodies these qualities and serves as a conduit for the energy of love and desire.

  1. Connection to the Divine: The chalice is often associated with the Holy Grail in Christian mythology, believed to be the vessel used by Jesus during the Last Supper. This connection to the divine adds an aura of sanctity and spiritual significance to the chalice, making it a powerful tool in love magic rituals.

  2. Yin and Yang: In many magical traditions, the chalice is paired with the athame, a ritual dagger, representing the feminine and masculine energies, respectively. The chalice embodies the yin, the receptive and nurturing aspect, while the athame represents the yang, the active and assertive energy. Combining these two elements in love magic creates a harmonious balance of energies.

Historical Roots of Chalice Use in Love Magic

The use of the chalice in love magic can be traced back to ancient civilizations and various cultural traditions. Here are some notable examples:

  1. Ancient Egypt: In ancient Egyptian love spells, the chalice was often used to mix love potions and elixirs. These concoctions were believed to invoke the blessings of the goddess Hathor, the deity associated with love, beauty, and music.

  2. Medieval Europe: During the Middle Ages, chalices were used in courtly love rituals and ceremonies. Knights and troubadours would drink from the same chalice as a symbol of their devotion and commitment to their beloved.

  3. Wiccan and Neopagan Traditions: Modern Wiccan and Neopagan practitioners incorporate the chalice into their love magic rituals. It is often used in the symbolic Great Rite, representing the union of the god and goddess, which is seen as a source of all creation, including love.

Love Magic Rituals with the Chalice

Now, let's delve into some love magic rituals and spells that involve the use of the chalice:

  1. Love Elixir Creation:


  • Red wine or rose water

  • Fresh rose petals

  • A chalice

Instructions: a. Begin by selecting a quiet and serene space for your ritual. b. Fill the chalice with red wine or rose water. c. Add fresh rose petals to the chalice and let them infuse their energy into the liquid. d. As you stir the mixture with your finger, visualize the love and passion you desire. e. Sip from the chalice while focusing on your intention, feeling the love energy flow through you.

  1. Love Offering to Deities:


  • A chalice

  • A pink or red candle

  • Rose incense

Instructions: a. Set up your ritual space with the candle and incense. b. Light the candle and incense. c. Hold the chalice in your hands and say a prayer or invocation to a love deity of your choice (e.g., Aphrodite, Eros, or Cupid). d. Pour a small offering of wine or water into the chalice as a symbolic gesture of your love and devotion. e. Leave the chalice on your altar as an ongoing offering to the deity.

  1. Love Blessing Ceremony:


  • A chalice

  • A white ribbon or cord

  • A small piece of rose quartz

Instructions: a. Begin by cleansing and purifying your chalice. b. Take the white ribbon or cord and wrap it around the chalice stem, tying a knot with your intentions for love and harmony. c. Hold the chalice in your hands, allowing your energy to flow into it. d. Place the rose quartz inside the chalice. e. Keep the chalice on your altar or in a special place in your home to attract love and positive energy.


The chalice, with its rich symbolism and historical significance, plays a vital role in love magic rituals and spells. Whether used to create love elixirs, make offerings to love deities, or bless your home with love energy, the chalice serves as a potent tool for harnessing the power of love and desire. Remember that love magic should always be practiced responsibly and with the highest respect for the free will and consent of all parties involved.

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Wicca spells reviews

 Overview of Wicca spells
Wicca spells and love binding spells are both types of spells used in the practice of magic. While they may seem similar in nature, there are some significant differences between the two. In this article, we will explore these differences and gain a deeper understanding of each type of spell.

Wicca spells
Wicca is a nature-based religion that uses magic as a tool for spiritual and personal growth. Wicca spells are usually focused on bringing positive energy into a person's life and manifesting their desires. These spells are often performed in a ritual setting and may involve the use of various tools such as candles, herbs and crystals.

One of the key principles of Wicca is the idea of 'harm none', meaning that any magic performed must not cause harm to oneself or others. Wicca spells are therefore usually designed to bring positive changes to a person's life without causing harm.

Some common types of Wicca spells include:

-Protection spells: these spells are designed to protect a person from harm or negative energy.

-Healing spells: These spells are designed to promote physical and emotional healing.

-Welfare spells: These spells are designed to bring financial abundance and prosperity into a person's life.

-Love spells: These spells are designed to attract love and positive relationships into a person's life.

Love binding spells
Love binding spells, on the other hand, are a type of spell used to bind two people together in a romantic relationship. These spells are usually used to strengthen the bond between two people and make their love for each other more intense.

Love binding spells are often performed by those who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship or who are seeking to bring back an ex-lover. These spells are believed to work by harnessing the energy of the universe and directing it towards the desired outcome.

There are several different types of love binding spells, including:

-Knot spells
: These spells involve tying knots in a rope or ribbon to symbolise the binding of two people together.

-Candle spells: These spells involve using candles to represent two people and bringing them together.

 -Jar spells: These spells involve placing the names of two people in a jar and sealing it with wax to symbolise the binding of their love.

Key differences
While there may be some similarities between Wicca spells and love binding spells, there are some key differences that set them apart. The main difference between the two is their focus.

Wicca spells focus on bringing positive energy into a person's life and manifesting their desires. These spells are not specifically designed to bind two people together in a romantic relationship, but rather to bring positive change into a person's life.

Love binding spells, on the other hand, are specifically designed to bind two people together in a romantic relationship. These spells are not focused on bringing positive changes to a person's life, but rather on creating a stronger bond between two people.

Another key difference between the two spells is their ethical implications. Wicca spells are designed to adhere to the principle of 'do no harm to anyone', meaning that they cannot harm themselves or others. Love-binding spells, on the other hand, can be seen as ethically questionable because they involve the manipulation of another person's free will.

In conclusion, while Wicca spells and love binding spells may seem similar in nature, there are some significant differences between them. Wicca spells focus on bringing positive energy into a person's life and manifesting their desires, whereas love binding spells are specifically designed to bind two people together in a romantic relationship. Wicca spells follow the principle of 'do no harm to anyone', while love binding spells can be seen as ethically questionable due to their potential for manipulation

The most effective love spells - an overview

Love spells are often associated with magic and supernatural phenomena, and have been used for centuries as a means of attracting or keeping a romantic partner. Although many people view love spells as questionable or even dangerous, they can be effective when performed with intention and care.

Here are some of the most effective love spells:

Simple Candle Spell

This is a basic and simple spell that can be performed by anyone, regardless of experience level. All you need is a pink or red candle and some matches. Light the candle and focus on the person you desire, while visualising them being attracted to you. Repeat affirmations such as "I am worthy of love" and "I attract love easily and effortlessly". Allow the candle to burn completely and then dispose of the wax in a safe manner.

Rose petal spell
This spell requires a rose and a few rose petals. Hold the rose and focus on the person you desire, visualising them being attracted to you. Then scatter the rose petals around your home, while repeating affirmations such as 'love finds me easily and effortlessly' or 'love attracts me like a magnet'.

Love oil spell

This spell requires a bottle of love oil, which you can buy from a spiritual supply shop or make at home from ingredients such as rose petals, lavender and vanilla extract. Rub a candle with the love oil and light it, focusing on the person you desire. Repeat affirmations such as "I am open to love" and "love flows into my life effortlessly". Allow the candle to burn completely and then dispose of the wax safely.

Love bath spell

This spell requires rose petals, pink or red bath salt and a quiet bathing area. Fill a tub with warm water and add rose petals and bath salt. Focus on the person you desire and imagine attracting them to you. Soak in the bath for at least 15 minutes, then drain the water and discard the rose petals.

Love Talisman spell
This spell requires a small piece of paper, a pen and a pink or red ribbon. Write the name of the person you desire on the piece of paper and tie it to the ribbon. Keep the talisman with you at all times, in your pocket or on a chain around your neck. Repeat affirmations such as "love finds me easily and effortlessly" and "love attracts me like a magnet".

It is important to remember that love spells should not be used to manipulate or control another person. Instead, they should be used to attract love into your life and open yourself up to the possibility of a healthy and loving relationship. Additionally, it is important to trust the universe and allow things to unfold naturally.

In summary, love spells can be a powerful tool for attracting love and enhancing romantic relationships. However, they should be used with intention and care, and always with the understanding that we are responsible for our own happiness and well-being.

The use of candles in love binding spell

Throughout history, candles have held a special place in the world of magic and mysticism. They have been used as tools to manifest intentio...